Useful Information

When a family member or friend is faced with a life changing experience which may require them to use Home care support services it can be very daunting and stressful. 

Not knowing where to look or what to look for?

Worrying about financing the care can also become very stressful so i have gathered some information to help you get a head start and hopefully help to ease your worry and stress at what is already a stressful and worrying time.

Your local social services is based at your local Council and can provide you with information on what support is out there for you and can be useful when you are researching to find the service provider that will suit your requirements. 

By contacting your local Council and asking for Adult services they will be able to give you information and support and if required provide the guidance to help you put into place a care provision which will suit your requirements and preferences.

Contacting your local council is the first step which will lead to many more. 

Assessments will be carried out which will include your support requirements and preferences and your financial status which will determine whether you will recieve funding to pay for the care service or if you will have to self fund or contribute to it.

You can then choose whether you would like direct payments for this which is when the council pay you directly into a bank account of your choice or and agent and you source the care provision required and make the payments to the care company of your choosing. 

In doing this you will be sent invoices from the company you are receiving services from and must keep these safe ready for when they are requested at the annual audit review from the direct payments team at your local council. 

If you feel that this is to much for you and you would rather not have dealings with payments then you can ask for assistance and the department may be able to help you as above use agent.

Using the direct payments method is good and gives you more control over your care provision, if you find it is not suitable and/or you are not happy you can make the adjustments to your care provider yourself.

When you are not using the direct payment method your local council deal with payments directly with the care provider.

Bee's Care receive payments from service user's using both methods.

The Care Quality Commission regulates Care providers and you can find out information on their website to assist you in your search for a provider. On our website their are links to different sites which you may find of use to you.

Bee's Care Agency aims to assist and support whether you use our services or not and if we can help you on your journey we will so please feel free to contact us either by using our web form, email or telephone and if we can help we will.