Useful Information

When a family member or friend is faced with a life changing experience which may require them to use Home care support services it can be very daunting and stressful. 

Not knowing where to look or what to look for?

Worrying about financing the care can also become very stressful so here is some information to help you get a head start and hopefully help to ease your worry and stress at what is already a stressful and worrying time.

Your local social services (Adult services) (Childrens Services) is based at your local Council. 

If you or a family member or friend requires support or may be struggling you may need to have an assessment which can be arranged and in some cases you may be entitled to some help to pay for the support. It is also good to contact your local council as they may be able to provide support in other ways such as providing equipment that may make it easier to carry out tasks.

When you are assessed you may need to have a financial assessment to see if you can get help with the cost of your care provision.

When arranging a care provision you can have full control in choosing your provider and can have help to set up Direct payments, so if you are entitled to funding the funds can be paid to you to pay the provider or even ask for the direct payments team to help you by arranging a seperate agency who will deal with this for you.

Where you do not get funding and pay for your service there are many ways that you can pay that are stress free and secure and easy.

When looking for  a provider it is best to gain feedback from others and to have a good chat with the provider to get a feel for the person you may be working with. 

The Care Quality Commission regulates Care providers that provide personal care and you can find out information on their website to assist you in your search for a provider. On our website their are links to different sites which you may find of use to you.

Bee's Care Agency aims to assist and support whether you use our services or not and if we can help you on your journey we will so please feel free to contact us either by using our web form, email or telephone and if we can help we will.