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Life changing events can happen at any time, sometimes we are prepared but it can still be a very stressful & a upsetting time.

Asking for help can be a huge step & knowing where to look and what to look for is another thing all together. 

We can assist you in creating a support plan that is 'person centred' which means created for you & by you or /with your nominated person, outlining where and how you would like support, this way your Choice, Independence, Dignity, Privacy and Rights are acknowledged, respected, documented & enforced

You have control.

We are all different and have the Right to choose how we want things done & when we want them done and by whom.

Here at Bee's care we listen we care & staff go that extra mile 

We can work with social workers, occupational therapists, health professionals such as Doctors and Nurses to access support, mobility aids, medical attention and to gain information for you when required but of course with your consent to do so.

 We are a regulated Home care provider Regulated by The Care Quality Commission and for reports on our service please click the link below.

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